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Need a challenge? Try navigating China's regulatory systemChina is one of the most attractive markets for medical device manufacturers worldwide and has grown to be the second largest in Asia (after Japan). However, given recent problems with heparin, di-ethylene glycol and melamine poisoning, quality issues have become paramount. Add to the that the challenge of navigating the Chinese regulatory system and medical device manufacturers face a daunting task, to put it mildly.

It's no wonder then that our audio conference Navigating China's Medical Device Regulations is drawing such huge interest. Chang-Hong Whitney will provide first-hand insights and guidance, drawing upon the experience and knowledge gleaned from daily dealings with SFDA officials and through managing numerous registration projects in China:

  • Overview of Chinese regulations for medical devices
  • Recent changes to the regulatory requirements
  • Requirements for getting medical products approved for the Chinese market
  • Time and costs for getting regulatory approval of medical products in China
  • Regulatory issues to watch for and obstacles while seeking approval in China
China may seem like a tremendously inviting market. But without a proper understanding of the requirements for getting a medical device approved, the time and costs involved, or issues to watch for, China is a very inhospitable place.

If you would like to learn more about China, take a look at the following:
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  1. Vincent Cipolla said...
    I could not agree more. It has become one of the most difficult markets to enter. You basically spend several months just waiting to get your device tested and reviewed by the SFDA. Approval could take anywhere between 12 - 18 months.

    [Via LinkedIn]

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