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Monthly roundup: Most popular posts in May

Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightSummer is here. Well, kind of. In many of ForeignExchange's hometowns, summer this year has been something we hear other people talk about.

As we wait for warmer temperatures, we are lucky that we keep busy at work. The medical translation business is booming, and we are grateful for the chance to work with more and more of the world's leading drug and device companies.

And, oh yes, we also write a blog on medical translation. Here are the top articles from this past month, based on the number of times they were viewed:

  1. We are hiring in Cambridge, England - A lot of translation professionals want to experience the Cambridge Phenomenon!
  2. Is Google Translate accurate enough for professional use? - Written 2 years ago, recent developments made this article relevant again
  3. Why translators need editors - TEP is familiar to most, an anachronism to some, and misunderstood by many
  4. Interview with Helen Colquhoun, CEO of Pleiad Devices - Terrific insight from a regulatory and clinical expert
  5. 7 quality tools move quality from abstract to concrete - Translation quality does not have to be complex
Happy reading and happy weekend!

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