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Doing more with less in the real world

Doing more with less in the real worldThere is precious little real-world information available to translation managers in medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Associations like RAPS, DIA and STC might deal with translation in passing. And translation conferences like Localization World likewise only touch peripherally on the unique translation needs of drug and device companies.

Our educational events and video interviews aim to fill some of this gap. They are not sales pitches in disguise but feature real-world scenarios and insight.

Here is another example of this: Tom Enroth, Technical Communications Specialist at ev3, recently sat down with us to discuss his role and the challenges of putting together his company's ever-expanding catalog of IFUs while managing ever-shrinking time lines.

The interview is 8 minutes short. It's well worth watching for Tom's real-world insights.

For more on Tom and other real-world translation managers, take a look at the following:

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