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Summer vacation!

Every year around this time we like to remind our clients that, along with warmer days, barbecues and white pants, summer is also the season for holidays.

While work continues to hum along as usual at ForeignExchange, many of our medical translation linguists take their vacations during the summer months, which can present scheduling challenges for projects.

As clients are planning translation projects for the coming months, we ask them to please keep in mind the summer vacation factor and give us a heads-up about upcoming work, so we can plan accordingly. With advance notice, we have extra time to line up our teams for projects and things move along without a hitch. Thank you in advance and have a great summer!

In contrast to most other translation companies, ForeignExchange does not do "all things for all people".

We support the world's leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies with specialized medical translation services for regulatory, clinical, and marketing efforts. Contact us today for more details.



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