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How do YOU define and measure translation quality?Of the "holy trinity" of cost, time and quality, quality is perhaps the most difficult to define. Yet in medical translation, it is definitely the most important.

Not only does international compliance often ride on accurate translations, lives depend on them. But how do you measure it? And how to do you improve it?

Translation quality is a hot topic and there are a growing number of tools, standards and certifications associated with it. ForeignExchange is conducting research on how client-side companies, linguists, and other translation companies interpret, measure, and value quality. This research will be used not only for our own improvement but also for future publications on the topic and possibly work on some new industry standards.

We would like your help with our research and have set up a short survey about translation quality. The survey will take less than five minutes and can be found at http://translationquality.surveyconsole.com

Thank you in advance for your help!

ForeignExchange supports clients' medical translation needs with comprehensive terminology management services and technology. Contact us to find out more!

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  1. Ericlv said...
    Medical translation needs good quality but to some extent, there are something which are untranslatable, that means, something belongs to some specific culture and there is no equal counterpart in another language.

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