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Medical devices & cloud computing? Probably notSoftware-as-a-service and other cloud-based solutions are all the rage. It's THE big thing, or so the experts proclaim.

The translation industry has certainly gotten into the act. Localization companies are tripping over themselves trying to (re)establish themselves as technology providers, and TAUS' super-TM-cloud keeps getting bigger and is moving onto the web.

One industry that has been a laggard in the rush to adopt cloud computing is medical devices. Of primary concern to healthcare IT in general is the privacy and security of information. Just about any article about cloud computing and healthcare and/or medical devices deals with this.

Interestingly, Is Cloud the tomorrow of Medical Devices Industry? takes a different tack. It includes some of the challenges (regulatory, privacy, security) faced by manufacturers trying to manage medical device data in the cloud but it also points to concrete market opportunities being created by that adoption of cloud-based technologies.

But as Bob on Medical Device Software points out, there are at least two big unanswered questions: Who's going to pay for it? and Interoperability.

The could be a potential market in cloud computing and medical devices but it sure looks like the old "hammer looking for a nail" issue.

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