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5 questions about translation quality

Our latest video interview is with Sonia Monahan, ForeignExchange's Executive VP of Quality. In recent conversation, she touched on five questions that she frequently gets asked by translation managers at medical device and pharmaceutical companies, medical translators, and quality professionals:

  1. How is translation quality viewed in the life sciences?
  2. Can you define "translation quality"?
  3. How can translation quality be measured?
  4. Do clients recognize the importance of translation quality?
  5. The role of technology
It's interesting to hear Sonia talk about how "quality is assumed" and the importance of risk management.

Take a look and see if you agree with Sonia's assessment:

ForeignExchange's METRiQ quality system provides medical device and pharmaceutical companies with measurable quality - on every software, technical, and marketing translation assignment.


  1. Anonymous said...
    It is confusing to mix process standards related "quality" versus actual linguistic quality of the translations
    Judie Dresser, PMP said...
    I think that the method of translations has to be double checked, whether done by individuals in their native languages or done via a translation tool. At a previous company I worked at, I was in charge of getting manuals translated. In addition to hiring native translators from translation agencies, I also had engineers who developed the products check the translations (in the engineers' native languages) to ensure that the original meanings had not been changed. This can be an important issue with technical terminology for all industries, not just the medical and pharmaceutical industries. I don't think we can assume that all translations are high quality.

    [Via LinkedIn]

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