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Want to play doctor? v2

Want to play doctor? v2"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV." Do you have aspirations to become the next distinguished looking older gentleman in a white coat pitching over-the-counter medication in a TV commercial? Have you been studying hard?

Now that The New England Journal of Medicine has brought its popular Image Challenge to the iPhone, you can test your diagnostic skills on the go.

To those not aware, if you go to the NEJM website there is a prominently displayed widget that takes you to an Image Challenge feature. This feature gives you hundreds of diagnostic images accompanied with multiple choice questions and answers. The images range from classic dermatological findings to radiographic imaging.

The online Image Challenge feature is robust with a great user interface and solid question set, enabling you to zoom into images, see how others have answers the questions, and allows you to e-mail out and save images. This free feature on the NEJM website is popular with many healthcare professionals, leading the Journal to make a $2.99 mobile medical app.

The iPhone app seems solid enough, closely miruded any Facebook or Twitter integration. I know, I know - healthcare is behind the times when it comes to social media. But having the ability to share particularly interesting images via Facebook and Twitter would seem to allow the app to quickly gain in popularity.

Anyway, brush up on your diagnostic skills and you, too, could be playing a doctor on TV!

[Hat tip to Medgadget]

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