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Technology helps healthcare providers overcome language barriersAs we mentioned before, patients with disabilities are receiving more and more attention from regulators. And it's exciting to see that technology companies are keeping pace.

Take, for example, the MobileASL cell phone system developed at the University of Washington that allows deaf people to use sign language when making phone calls. Or Medbridge's point-of-care technology that enables healthcare professionals to communicate with Limited English Proficient and deaf patients.

But it's not just in a healthcare setting that these technologies impact people's lives. A participant in the The University of Washington study recounted

"...that during the study one participant was lost riding a Seattle city bus and the two were able to communicate using MobileASL. The student on the bus described what he was seeing and [the study participant] helped him navigate where he wanted to go."
For a demo of the MobileASL system, take a look at the following video:

[Hat tip to Medgadget]

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