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Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightWelcome to the season of gaining 10 pounds! With all of the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie, and Christmas parties and feasts, it's a miracle that business life isn't coming a complete standstill.

Definitely not here at Medical Translation Insight! Come rain, snow, or food-induced coma, we take to the keyboard and share with you what's going on at the intersection of drug & devices, translation, technology, and regulations.

So, eat, drink, and be merry - and check out our most popular articles from the past month:

  1. Is translation the least important most important thing? - A recap of ForeignExchange's company meeting and a different kind of look at the translation business
  2. Quality matters, or: Is risk a four-letter word? - The risks are very real in medical translation but managing those risks is possible
  3. Lessons learned from a clinical study gone bad - A botched clinical trial is another good reminder of the business risks in this field
  4. Finally, an alternative to the metric system! - Take a look and have some Friday fun
  5. World-class translation management: From vendor selection to in-country review - The most recent iteration of our half-day seminar series took place in the Bay Area (more events coming in Q1!)
Looking for more great stuff to read? Take a look at our top articles for October, September, and August. Happy reading and happy weekend!


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