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Medical software ready to take on the world

Our friends over at Lingoport specialize in internationalizing software. Here at ForeignExchange, we specialize in medical translation and localization. So it only made sense for us to get together and do a Webinar to untangle the alphabet soup of i18n and l10n of medical software.

The whole process of globalization, er... g11n... is too important for medical device companies to overlook or get wrong. There are regulatory, usability and patient safety implications wrapped up in software. And that's not to mention the cost and time factors. Check out the recorded Webinar below to hear what our own Jason Heaton, and Lingoport CEO, Adam Asnes, had to say on the topic.

Internationalizing and Localizing a Medical Software Application from Lingoport on Vimeo.

ForeignExchange's QMS is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EN 15038 and compliant with ISO 14971. For your next medical translation and software localization assignment, request a detailed proposal from ForeignExchange.


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