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Drug research targets Asia, in more ways than one - medical translationIt's no big surprise that clinical research continues to shift east. We have written before about how the pursue of lower costs, easier access to patients, and fewer hassles is driving clinical research to China and elsewhere in Asia.

But The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that there is a new and different kind of push into Asia: designing drugs for diseases prevalent in the region. In a recent example, Pfizer has said that it will design drugs for diseases prevalent in Asia (e.g., cancers of the liver, head, and neck).

And it is not just China that is attracting the attention of major drug makers. Korea, for example, is getting attention as pharmaceutical companies realize the advantages of conducting clinical trials in Korea for Asia-focused drugs. Brett Moffat's Instablog had this to say earlier this year:

Obviously, as being part of Asia, Koreans are a closer biological make-up to neighboring populations, but according to Gause, the key factor is body size, a crucial part of drug dosage testing. With Asian people in general less robust than their European and North American counterparts.

Additionally, Korea represents a perfect test-bed for diseases more prevalent in Asia than elsewhere, in particular stomach and liver cancer.
For medical translation providers, this may generate additional demand for into-English work as well as open opportunities for translating between Asian languages, e.g., Korean-to-Japanese.

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