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Drug packaging aims to combine safety, compliance and designMedical device companies aren't the only ones looking to improve their packaging and labeling.

Regulations are forcing drug companies to incorporate ever more detailed information, in an increasing number of languages, and in larger type sizes - driving innovative packaging solutions to avoid larger printed sheets.

Multi-page labels are becoming more and more common. The expanded-content labels can also serve as a platform for promotions and security features.

But room for more text isn't everything. Design and flexibility still account for a lot in pharmaceutical packaging. For instance, Bayer recently selected Burgopak Slider for Levitra, praising the fact that the design is "pocket-friendly, discreet and gives the product a playful edge over its competitors".

When compared with more traditional packaging options, the new package certainly does look a lot better!

[Thanks, Mary, for the tip!]

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  1. Adriana said...
    I always thought the way medicines are dispensed here in the US, in a little plastic bottle with no real instructions or contraindications, and no information sheet is rather dangerous and implies the thought that the patient would not understand it at all.
    To have the contraindications listed on tv during and ad yet not give an information sheet with the medications is a terrible contradiction that points to the fact that pharma companies are only interested in selling their products, not informing the patient.

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