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Want to play doctor?

Want to play doctor?Hello, my name is Doctor Smith. Where does it hurt?

If you have always dreamed of being a doctor but can't find the motivation to pore over long, complicated medical case studies, you can now test your skills on your nearest iPhone or iPad.

A new game, Prognosis : Your Diagnosis [sic], is a fun attempt at bringing clinical case studies to an iOS device near you. Though it's not clear how accurate and educational the game really is, the interface and goofy screen shots certainly provide the foundation on which to deliver great fun.

According to the app's web site, new cases are added weekly, and users can share their own "interesting cases" and get full credits for them.

The game is available free of charge at iTunes. No word on plans to port the game to Android - nor on the release time line for Eat to Beat, the company's "Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol game".

[Hat tip to Medgadget]

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