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Take two chips and IM me in the morning

Take two chips and IM me in the morningIt's been a year since we wrote about efforts by Proteus Biomedical and Novartis to embed computers and sensors inside drugs and devices to monitor (in real-time) when a patient takes a drug and how they respond to it.

Last week Novartis announced plans to seek regulatory approval within 18 months. Initially, Novartis will use the technology to monitor transplant recipients, in conjunction with one of its existing drugs.

The chips get activated by the patient's stomach acid and will send biometric data that gauges the drug's effectiveness via Bluetooth. For a look at how Proteus' Raisin technology works, take a look at this article.

While Proteus and Novartis are giddy with excitement over the vast therapeutic and revenue opportunities that they see, there are plenty of people who worry about conspiracies and much more sinister happenings.

What do you think - is this a huge step forward for medicine or a huge step backwards for mankind?

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  1. Anonymous said...
    This is a step forward for patients.

    Stand by for Glenn Beck to theorize and conspirize - "I have seen the future and she is...

    Veruca Salt!"
    cgtradmed said...
    Both ...

    From a scientific perspective, it is indeed a terrific advance, a marvellous tool for the medical surveillance of a patient, a therapy or a cancer progress.

    But, in "terrific" there is "terror". And without even thinking to conspiracy, we can legitimately wonder about the legal foundation and acceptability of such tools. I am not sure that our private life will be kept protected much longer. The whole legislation on privacy should be entirely reviewed in most civilized countries!

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