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World-class translation management: From vendor selection to in-country reviewYesterday morning, ForeignExchange hosted the latest event in its Multilingual Compliance Learning series. The successful half-day event was held in Redwood City, California, and featured, Richard Korn, a 15-year translation veteran and Senior Manager, Localization & Packaging Development at St. Jude Medical.

Richard focused on the importance of planning the entire cycle (i.e., upstream, long before translation hits) with the translation supplier to determine processes and workflows that are effective for an individual organization's needs. Although the norm is to focus on content, then workflow. Richard has found it more beneficial for St. Jude to reverse this and focus first on workflow and then on content.

He also suggested that, when possible, it is helpful to conduct ROI analysis for translation, thus obtaining support from higher management. This support means budget, support/staffing, and so on.

Richard discussed quality and the importance of working with subject matter experts. He also stressed the importance of measuring quality and using technology where it is effective. He suggested incremental (managed) changes in tools/technologies like CMS to save costs and improve efficiencies but he really stressed that this needs to be well planned and not a passionate decision based on the promises/sizzle the software rep sells you on. He noted the importance of MSAs, and gaining detailed information from suppliers to best determine who is giving you what... and what exactly is being paid for.

There were many well recognized companies represented -- Novartis, Gilead, Animas, Roche, Genentech, and Abbott Vascular, just to name a few. The attendees engaged with Richard and questions seemed to focus on ways to improve in-country reviews. One interesting nugget of advice that Richard gave is to include translation review in the job description of those doing the review. While it sounds overly simplistic, he said it has a surprisingly positive effect.

Thanks to Richard Korn for his terrific presentation and to all participants for making it an interactive and productive event.

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