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Internationalizing and localizing medical device softwareInternationalization and localization for medical technology products tends to have special business drivers and can take on life-and-death importance. First, there's adapting products for better worldwide sales, then there are issues like reducing liabilities and saving lives. Together, they present unique challenge when localizing medical device software applications.

On Thursday, December 16th, 2010, Adam Asnes, CEO of Lingoport, and yours truly will host an interactive session to discuss basic principles and processes that make medical device localization different. Join us for the one-hour session - registration is now open. I look forward to having you on the call!

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ForeignExchange's QMS is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EN 15038 and compliant with ISO 14971. For your next medical translation and software localization assignment, request a detailed proposal from ForeignExchange.

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  1. Ted Newill said...
    For small and medium sized US medical device firms translation of key documents...sales brochures, operating manuals, labeling....is very important. Imagine that the doctor understands English and purchases your product via your distributor in France. Now, he hands it over to a technician in the office or clinic to actually use. The Tech flounders, the product does not get used and guess whose fault it is? Yours and your distributor's. So, translations help with product adoption at several levels. Your distributor will be more enthusiastic because of all the products he carries, yours are easier to sell. Result, increased revenues and distributor loyalty. Translations are NOT expensive. Good ROI here. Looking forward to the presentation.

    [Via LinkedIn]

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