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Happy Thanksgiving - and don't kill anybody with your turkey It's the time of year when we spend time with family and friends, give thanks for the riches in our lives - and ignore holiday food safety alerts.

Food safety is a big albeit under-communicated concern. Big enough, in fact, for both the CDC and FDA to take it on. The FDA Law Blog reports on the topic of foodborne illness and mentions that the

"statistics of 5,000 deaths and 325,000 hospitalizations are widely cited in the press, in blogs maintained by personal injury lawyers, in government reports, and even in food safety legislation pending in Congress"
On it's Holiday Food Safety web page, FDA features a Holiday Food Safety Video - in English and Spanish. (As an aside, notice that the Spanish video is 35% longer than the English one; text expansion in action!)

So regardless of what you are cooking over Thanksgiving, have a happy and safe holiday!

[We are thankful for the FDA Law Blog]

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