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Finally, an alternative to the metric system!Sure, everybody is talking about how great Wolfram Alpha is. And sure, it's neat to fit a polynominal to given data, translate a DNA base sequence and find occurrences in the human genome, or even get the color swatch from hue, saturation and lightness input but really, how is all that scientific mumbo-jumbo helpful?

Luckily, there is an alternative for the real world - the Weird Converter!

Using the known measurements of unusual objects like the length of the world's longest snake, the weight of a Blue Whale, and the volume of the average human stomach, Weird Converter answers life's really tough questions, like:

How many Jennifer Anistons in 1 elephant?
How many bathtubs in an average human stomach?
So, go ahead and let out your inner geek and throw some tough questions at the insanely awesome Weird Converter!

[Tip of the hat to Woot]

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