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Fasten your seat belt! How not get thrown off the bus around the worldHave you ever been in a foreign country and found yourself committing a cultural faux pas? Well, who hasn't? I know I have my fair share of missteps.

So, I was excited to hear about Fasten Seat Belts.

The site provides an innovative, and visual, way to learn languages and pick up cultural tips. The videos describe various "Dos and Don'ts" (gestures, traditions, manners, etc.) for Europe and Asia.

Asian countries covered include Japan, China, Korea, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. All in all 28 countries are covered with videos that offer a chance to learn cultural tips and expressions in the local language.

For instance, did you know in Korea, passenger sitting on a train who are grabbing your bags are not trying to steal for you?

Instead of shouting for help and running to the police, do yourself a favor and head on over to Fasten Seat Belts.

[Tip of the hat to Lifehacker]

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  1. Catharine Cellier-Smart said...
    I live in Korea and I can confirm that people will sometimes take heavy bags from you in crowded public transport ! People are also very respectful of seats reserved for the elderly - even if the subway is full and people are standing, young people won't sit in those seats.
    Another time I had just got off the subway in Seoul and felt someone touch my bottom; I turned round ready to slap their face, but it was only a nice lady taking chewing gum off my clothes (I'd sat down in some without realising !)

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