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Can translators save lives?

Our answer is an emphatic YES.

In fact, our entire company is built around this concept. Our vision statement reads:

ForeignExchange Translations Saves Lives.

We do so by reducing time-to-market for our drug and device clients, and by ensuring that end users have access to accurately translated product information.

We are committed to being the acknowledged leader in medical translations and to maintaining an uncompromising culture of quality.

We will continually strive to provide clients with:
  • Zero defects in project deliverables
  • A 50% reduction in project turnaround time and costs
  • Project teams comprised of the very best medical translation professionals

I get asked frequently about this though: "How does a translation company save lives?"

Everybody at ForeignExchange views their work in a way that directly impacts the lives of patients around the world.

If we are late with a deliverable, a regulatory deadline may be missed and a live-saving device or drug not be available to patients. If we make a mistake in a translation, a patient could die. Conversely, if we are accurate and speedy in our work, patients lives get improved through the availability of improved devices and therapies.

Sure, at a baseline we are translators and sure, like workers everywhere, all of us still have to deal with the minutiae and frustrations of our jobs. But our vision statement makes sure we don't forget that we are part of something bigger and something much more important.

We take that responsibility seriously, and we cherish the opportunity to save lives.

There are thousands of translation suppliers to select from. Why do medical device and pharmaceutical companies rely on ForeignExchange? Ask us for the opportunity to speak with our clients and find out!


  1. Anonymous said...
    No, but they can take lives (if a wrong translation is provided in some critical environments)
    amaxson said...
    How can you say 'no'? If a translator can take a life with a wrong translation, how does providing the correct translation not then 'save' the same life?
    Justin Clark said...
    I think to even further Amy's point, even if not directly - certain regulations require that a drug or device cannot be brought to market without the requisite translations.

    So, without even going in to the benefits of an accurate translation ensuring a doctor can properly use a device or administer a drug without needing to learn English first, simply the fact that translations allow life-saving medical products to be provided to markets where they are needed is enough to prove the claim.
    rea said...
    There is a lot to be said for community translations, especially in areas where companies do not deem it necessary to localize for other markets (such as fansubs of Japanese anime etc.) or there simply isn't a company behind a product (open source software anyone?). But if you are running a business and trying to make the most out of the opportunities presnted by globalization, using professional translation services is the only way to go.

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