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A couple of weeks ago, the ForeignExchange team got together in Denver for our annual company meeting. This was the 9th year for our entire team to get together for a week of meetings, fun, and learning.

ForeignExchange's annual company meeting

It's a big effort and investment to put on a meeting like this but our annual get-together is a key aspect of what makes ForeignExchange "tick". It is one of the ways in which we build a cohesive team. After spending a week together, we all know what ForeignExchange stands for, what distinguishes us from other medical translation providers, and what our strategic direction is.

A good time was had by all

Most important, though, is the opportunity to spend time with one another. Team members who may not see each other all year have an opportunity to reconnect. New employees get to meet folks from other offices and departments. And all of us have a chance to appreciate the depth and breadth of our amazing team.

Are those balloons that the team is trying to keep in the air?

Some of the highlights of this year's meeting included our client panel, a beautiful fall day spent outside, the team presentations on the last day, and the reception we held for our medical translators who were in town for the ATA conference.

Get-together for our medical translators

Next year promises to be busy and exciting for ForeignExchange. Not everything will work out according to plan but thanks to our amazing team, 2011 is guaranteed to be another huge success for our company, clients, and translators!

Throughout the year, you can stay in touch with ForeignExchange on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


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