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Why pseudo-translate?

Why pseudo-translate?Still today, a lot of medical device software is not designed with translation or localization in mind. Inevitably, this will result in target-language text being cut off, awkward lined-up or hyphenated, or not render properly.

Software internationalization is an important but often neglected step in the development process.

And the same is true for pseudo-translations. If used properly, pseudo translations provide an inexpensive yet effective sanity test for the "localizability" a software application.

Yet we all know how tempting it is to skip pseudo-translations (and, for that matter, internationalization). But before you rationalize skipping these steps with "cost savings" or "lack of time", here are a couple of great quotes from the Localization Project Management Log to keep you on the straight and narrow:

"I always regret having to pseudo-translate, because it involves an extra step, annoys the engineers, and generally slows things down. BUT, whenever I don't pseudo-translate, I regret it even more."
"...try to flush out ugly problems when time is cheap, rather than when it gets expensive."
This is great advice for pseudo-translation, for internationalization, and for project management in general.

For more on pseudo-translation and software internationalization, take a look at the following:
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  1. Kevin Lossner said...
    By coincidence I made a small video clip last week showing how pseudotranslation works in memoQ and posted it on YouTube: http://youtu.be/qHBlncGS1AE

    Viewers might want to skip ahead to 1:45 to avoid the dull-as-dirt explanation of why pseudotranslation may be useful. I wasn't actually planning to make a tutorial - my real purpose was to test the cursor display in a new version of my screen recording software - so this wasn't well scripted but was instead chaotically spontaneous.

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