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We are everything that they are not

We are everything that they are notIstván Lengyel of Kilgray is in town for the ATA conference and to assist in our roll out of memoQ Server. He spent a day in our Louisville office, and I had a chance to catch up with him.

I was surprised to learn that Kilgray has only been in business for five years. Their products have gained so much traction in the marketplace, that I had assumed that their beginnings traced back further.

In chatting with István about Kilgray's success, he attributed it to several technology aspects but one business factor stood out: "We are everything that SDL is not."

He went on to explain how Kilgray doesn't look to beat SDL at their game - they have too much scale, the advantage of a decade-long lead in the industry, and are well entrenched in many sectors. Instead, István described how Kilgray finds opportunities in segments that are under-served by SDL and exploits them by offering better technology, better service, and better value.

This really resonated because that's exactly ForeignExchange's strategy against the 800-pound gorillas in our "room". In fact, rather than be afraid of their sheer size, the differences between us work to our advantages.

Let me illustrate this with a comparison between ForeignExchange and Lionbridge, our favorite competitor:

"is the leading provider of language, development and testing services that enable clients to create, release, manage and maintain their technology applications and Web content globally" - huh?"saves lives" - got it!
is a "jack of all trades"provides specialized language services to medical device and pharmaceutical companies
is a "translation factory" churning work through its "machinery"deploys our customized Multilingual Compliance Process on all assignments
is scaling back its support for medical clients by closing its Colorado siteis expanding, growing and hiring staff
forces clients into their view of how technology should be usedcustomizes technology to fit the business need of each client
does not have a quality methodology to measure translation outputpossesses, in METRiQ, the industry's only way to measure translation quality
writes about recipes and cookingshares information on topics that matter to drug and device professionals - clinical research, regulatory affairs, and risk management

The list of differences goes on but the message stays the same - pure size doesn't matter in the medical translation space. What's important is that medical translation suppliers have the team, expertise, and service offering to assist clients consistently and predictably. And on those counts, ForeignExchange is everything that our competition is not.

ForeignExchange Translations provides specialized medical translation services for regulatory, marketing, and clinical groups at pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Contact us to find out more.


  1. Ray Collins said...
    I hope you will blog extensively about your experience with memoQ server. I edited McElroy Translation's first ever memoQ job on February 17, 2009, after training by Gábor earlier in the month. At the editing stage, I really liked this software. The document processors, however, had difficulty getting the document back into a correctly formatted MS Word document. You can see from the joint press release with István Lengyel on December 18, 2008, that McElroy made a big commitment to this software. Even before the McElroy management change in October 2009, the company's usage of memoQ had fallen to zero. I don't think the cause of this originated with memoQ, though that is speculation on my part since I was not a manager at McElroy. McElroy's new management is not using it at all to the best of my knowledge. memoQ did well for my purposes as an editor, and I'm sure it has since improved.
    Damien said...
    Hi Andres,

    I think Lionbridge might be out of the picture.

    What about comparing TransPerfect Translations and ForeignExchange? :)
    Andres Heuberger said...
    @Ray: Will do! So far we are very pleased, and I met with several of the Kilgray people in Denver last week. They really are committed to making memoQ a great product.

    @Damian: Not necessary... Plenty of others have already voiced their opinions.

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