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Similis smiles on translators

Smilis smiles on medical translatorsSimilis is a little-known translation memory (TM) tool that's about to become more widely known. If you haven't heard about Similis, you know have a good reason to check it out: Lingua et Machina has decided to make Similis available free of charge.

Similis is a full-featured computer-aided translation tool. Some of its stand-out features are a robust linguistic analysis and alignment engine and "chunk" technology to break segments into intelligent terminological groups generate glossaries.

"Free" is all the reason many linguists will need to give Similis a try. But challenges remain. For one thing, documentation is available but only in French. So, fire up Google Translate and give Similis a try.

[Hat tip to Jost Zetzsche's Tool Kit.]

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  1. Anonymous said...
    This tool name is SIMILIS and not Smilis ;)

    One of my former teacher created it, so I was one of the first students in the world who tried it (and for free!). It is revolutionary, but it's true that the documentation needs to be translated...
    cgtradmed said...
    Alleluia ! A CAT with a complete French documentation! My dream comes true! - Sorry for my non-French-speaking colleagues :-) - Thank you for the tip. I'll give it a try and let you know my comments.
    Note : I know that playing with the verb "to smile" in the header was tantalizing, but the true name of the cat is "SimIlis", not "Smilis" :-))
    ForeignExchange Translations said...
    Right you are Anonymous & Catherine.

    Similis, smiles, smilis - too many homonyms, or, at least, almost-homonyms :-)
    Dieter said...
    félicitations Emmanuel!

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