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Medical translation forum on ProZ

Medical translation forum on ProZCatherine Guilliaumet, one of our loyal readers, also finds time to moderate the Yahoo! medical translation group. The other day, she the following morsel to the list:

I just want to let you know that, as a sort of result of the ProZ Virtual Conference which took place on Sept. 30th, a lot of medical translators having expressed their wish to have a forum dedicated to their specialization provided by ProZ, we have obtained it and it is now open!

Do not hesitate to join your colleagues for any discussion pertaining to Medical Translation. at the following URL: www.proz.com/forum/medical-986.html
Sounds very interesting!

In addition to checking out the new proz.com forum, make sure you also subscribe to the medical translations groups on Yahoo!, LinkedIn, and on the Watercooler.

[Thanks a lot, Catherine!]

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  1. cgtradmed said...
    Thanks a lot to you, Andres,for mentioning this new forum, and also the Medical_Translation list. I was very surprised when I discovered your post last night. I could not imagine that this launch would spark interest among so many colleagues.
    Thanks again

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