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Language blogs worth reading

Language blogs worth readingWe don't maintain a blog roll here are at Medical Translation Insight but we do get asked for recommendations for other blogs related to translation and language.

The good news is that since we started our little blog 18 months ago, there has been a tremendous increase in good writing and information in our industry. The bad news is that some of these news blogs lack staying power.

For a comprehensive reading list, start by looking at Lexiophiles' list of Top 100 Language Blogs. There are many terrific resources and some really good writers on that list. (Our own blog has made the list for the second time running in 2010.)

The 30 or so blogs that we follow aren't limited to Lexiophiles' list. Some of our favorites include:

  • Global by Design - John Yunker is a 10-year industry veteran, published author, and THE authority when it comes to international web design. Plus, he's got interesting stories.
  • Global Watchtower - Common Sense Advisory's blog is our preferred way to keep tabs on the pulse of the industry.
  • Thoughts on Translation - Corinne McKay is a freelance translator who somehow finds time to write an educational, fun blog. Thank goodness for that!
  • GTS Blog - Dave Grunwald writes on a variety of topics, not all of them translation-related. Dave is not afraid to voice his opinion.
  • GITS Blog - The same is true for Ryan Ginstrom. I love his perspective after living in Japan for the past 10+ years.
  • Johnson - The Economist's new blog provides a refreshing look at language. And they don't mince words.
  • Translation Tribulations - Speaking of not mincing words, Kevin Lossner doesn't worry about using his translation technology/practices blog to pick a fight and presenting his views.
  • Übersetzungsfehler - The self-proclaimed "translation gallery of horrors" is always good for a laugh. In German.
(A couple of blogs that are great but have been really quiet lately are Mox's Blog and T&I Business. Hopefully, they'll re-emerge soon.)

All of these terrific blogs share some common characteristics: They are written by knowledgeable people who aren't afraid to share insight and express an opinion. Plus, they get updated regularly. It would be great to see more of this in our industry.

Happy Friday - and happy reading!

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  1. DavidGrunwald said...
    Dear Andres,

    I just saw this post and wanted to thank you for mentioning me and my GTS Blog.

    I enjoy reading your blog as a source of high quality, original and insightful information about the translation and language industry,

    Dave Grunwald
    Leah said...
    Thank you for the reading list suggestion. Good content is hard to come by even among the wordsmiths.
    Μετάφραση Αγγλικά-Ελληνικά said...
    Thank you for the list... New content is always welcome. :)

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