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Of tweets and blogs

Of tweets and blogsIt's been six months since our most recent social media update. Over that time, something curious has happened: Twitter subscriptions and referrals have exploded!

As of this writing, ForeignExchange has roughly 850 blog subscribers and close to 900 Twitter followers. Modest numbers, to be sure, but Twitter followers have grown threefold over the past six months and join in (relatively) large numbers - often a dozen a day.

And it's not just subscribers; we have seen the same phenomenon in our site traffic. While LinkedIn still accounts for the largest share of referrals, Twitter referrals are catching up - fast!

Could it stem from the fact that LinkedIn has recently integrated users' Twitter feeds? Or are Twitter's 140-character messages simply a better fit for our short attention span world?

I don't know what it all means and will leave the crystal-balling and pontificating to others. We are certainly not alone in experiencing Twitter's rapid growth. But it still has taken us by surprise and will cause us to to look more closely at how to use, optimize, and leverage the little birdie.

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  1. Jose Palomares said...
    I think that the greatness of Twitter for our industry is that, if used in a productive way, it can become a powerful real-time and highly specialized news feed. Personally, I started using Twitter to share translation, localization and related tech news just a month ago, but since then I have seen my input and output of useful information increase in both speed and quality, since it is no one but me who choses who I follow or not. When you read a blog (or a thousand), you have to discriminate useful information yourself. With carefully selected tweets to follow, your "colleagues" help you find straightly such information.

    Then, of course, the ease of use of Twitter from a mobile device also empowers its use on the go, which is also a common scenario among us.

    [Via LinkedIn]

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