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memoQ, here we come!

memoQ, here we come!With every month that goes by, the medical translation projects that we handle at ForeignExchange get more and more complex. There are more formats to deal with, more files, and more language combinations. The demands of our medical device and pharmaceutical clients also dictate that the turnaround times be ever-shorter. And because most of the content we deal with is highly regulated, quality and consistency of the final deliverables cannot be compromised.

Over the years, our team has done really amazing things to help us grow. We have enabled project collaboration by stretching the capabilities of desktop tools and implementing ingenious approaches such as batch and "incremental" leveraging. But as assignments with 50, 100, or more team members become the norm, these home-grown solutions were starting to creak and break.

Enter TM server technology. Via TM server, multiple translators can easily work in parallel, and just-in-time leveraging benefits an individual linguists and the entire team.

Since the beginning of the year, we tested and piloted a number of available options for TM server technology. It has been an educational experience.

While the dominant supplier of TM server technology was busy being difficult, giving us the run-around, and even blocking our email domain, the team at Kilgray was a pure joy to work with.

As we tested Kilgray's memoQ server solution, Kilgray answered our questions promptly, supported our whims, and provided us with an all-around excellent experience.

memoQ itself highly versatile. It will allow us to work with all the file formats that we encounter on a regular basis, the user interface is simple and intuitive, and the tool is regularly upgraded with new features which aim at maximizing efficiencies in the translation process.

Starting this month, we are starting the process of implementing memoQ on select complex project with the ultimate goal of rolling it out across our entire production.

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  1. Ekaterina Ilyushina said...
    Great choice! How will your translators, reviewers, etc. communicate with memoQ server? Will they have to buy a desktop memoQ version, or will you provide some sort of a web interface or a similar solution?
    Kevin Lossner said...
    Definitely the right call, Andres. When I tested the memoQ Server I was amazed by how simple and straightforward project administration is. And as a translator experienced with most of the major competitive systems, I can confirm that it offers the greatest flexibility with the fewest headaches. The legendary support from Kilgray isn't bad to have either :-)

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