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Legal terminology in Italian, English, French, SpanishJD Supra has made available a helpful terminology resource. The glossary consists of Italian legal terms that have been translated into three languages (English, French, and Spanish).

Prepared by an Italian business lawyer, the glossary has been translated according to legal criteria rather than linguistic or etymological criteria.

Where the legal concept does not exist in one or more of the three legal systems, the glossary records the term that most closely reflects the Italian legal concept and highlights the lack of full affinity between the term and the Italian legal concept by adding the symbol " * ".

Finally, where there is no close legal concept in one or more of the three legal systems (this being a remote possibility) but a consolidated translation exists in legal usage, this translation is recorded (and written in Italics).
While this glossary may be slightly less useful if a Community patent ever becomes reality, it still is a terrific resource. Check it out!

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