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Monthly roundup: Most popular posts in July

Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightIt's summer and the going is easy.

That means medical translation professionals and clients have better things to do then read our blog. But because we know you wouldn't want to miss the good stuff, here are the five most-read articles from July:

  1. Refusing translations on ethical, moral, political, or religious grounds? - Our latest poll was the most-read page ever ... by a long, long shot
  2. Using the web as a multilingual glossary - Linguee and MyMemory are new research tools for linguists
  3. When politics and translation collide - The comments and feedback to this article caused us to launch the "ethics poll"
  4. Eye charts from around the globe - Light and interesting, this one
  5. Why are there DTP numbers on my quote? - "Document reconstruction", anyone?
Looking for more great content? Take a look at our top articles for June, May, and April. Happy reading and happy weekend!


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