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EPO tries to strike balance between pragmatism and linguistic pluralism
The cost of filing European patents in as many as 27 language has long been a source of frustration and expense for engineers and intellectual property types. In fact, translations have been a key reason that many have viewed the European patent system as broken.

But after a lot of delays and hand-wringing, it now looks like the EU is set to break the patent translation deadlock. At the heart of the new rules being considered is a proposal for European patents to be issued one of just three languages - English, French, or German.

Combined with a new machine translation system that's currently being developed at the European Patent Office (EPO), the simplified language requirements are designed to make translation costs 20 times cheaper.

But it's not all about money. In Europe, this kind of move is being seen as giving preferential treatment to English, French, and German. Despite the fact that these are the official languages of the EPO, Spain and Italy, in particular, have resisted the moves to develop a Community patent.

Next up are an informal EU summit to give feedback on the Commissions translation plan and a meeting of the Competitiveness Council to discuss patents. Meanwhile, translators enjoy their work while the going is good.

[Tip of the hat to Imelda McLaren!]

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  1. Mel said...
    If they really mean to use automated translation for Eurowide patents, tehy had better check out what happened to the Canadian police for using Google Translate before hand http://www.articlesbase.com/international-business-articles/canadian-police-pays-3000-per-day-for-relying-on-google-translate-2994095.html

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