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Dangerous tweets: Should your company have a social media policy?We've been writing a lot about social media lately (here, here and here) and for good reason. It's a hot topic inside and outside the life sciences and translation industry. The explosion of social media outlets has enabled an unprecedented level of information to flood the market. The same technology that drives this growth represents a challenge to companies trying to maintain control of their corporate messaging.

Those in regulated sectors, such as life sciences, face a more daunting challenge as they balance the need to leverage social media to promote their brand, generate sales and engage their stakeholders, and not run afoul of the agencies that monitor and regulate them.

Tough questions need to be asked: Is the full marketing potential of social media being leveraged? Is employees' use of social media undermining the company's success or even putting it in jeopardy? Should a company have an official policy for social media use?

We thought it was high time to find some answers and have prepared a white paper that asks the tough questions and tries to find some solutions. Check it out here.

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