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World Cup lost in translation?

World Cup lost in translation?Part of the fun that a linguist has in watching the World Cup is seeing how folks from all around the world communicate with each other. The two teams playing and the referees often don't speak the same language. It's understandable that this situation sometimes creates difficulties.

It's also fun to note how Asian teams, in particular, are struggling with language. Like fans all around the world, Korean soccer fans are buying merchandise to support their home team. The T shirts for Korean soccer fans shout "Korea Legend! Begin to 2010."

While these are all real words, in this order they make no sense. "Begin to 2010" - what? A linguistic own goal, for sure.

[Tip of the hat to √úbersetzungsfehler.]

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  1. Amelia said...

    The World Cup is really Paradise for translators, since we like to see how people from all over the world communicate.

    I have written 4 posts about this Cup here:


    and I would appreciate to share your views.

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