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Last Tuesday morning, ForeignExchange hosted the first event in its Multilingual Compliance Learning series in the Twin Cities. The successful half-day event, entitled, "World class translation quality: from vendor selection to in-country review," was held in a conference center north of Minneapolis. The featured speaker, Inna Geller, worked at Twin Cities medical device stalwart Medtronic for 18 years before leaving to become an independent localization consultant.

The event drew 24 attendees from a variety of Twin Cities medical device companies, including Medtronic, Boston Scientific, American Medical Systems, and St. Jude Medical, among others. There were a range of job titles present as well, from Regulatory Affairs to Quality to Purchasing. After a light breakfast during which attendees got to network with their counterparts, the presentation began.

Inna spoke about the challenges, pitfalls and best practices in the quest for translation quality, and provided some real-world examples from her time at Medtronic. The presentation was interactive, with the audience asking many questions along the way and relating their own experiences working in the localization field. At one point, a small group activity allowed the audience to work together and get to know each other.

Based on evaluation results, feedback on the event was very positive. One anonymous comment read, "I thought this was one of the better sessions I've attended regarding translations" and several participants mentioned afterward a strong interest in more events like this in the future. Stay tuned!

Thanks to Inna Geller for her great presentation and to all participants for making it a productive, engaging and friendly event.

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