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Survey of dialects: soda or pop?

Survey of dialects: soda or pop?Calling all North American English speakers: Students at Yale's Department of Linguistics are running an online survey of different accents in American English.

Who can participate? Anyone who has grown up speaking English in America or Canada.

As we noted previously, the U.S. Library of Congress maintains more than 500 American speech samples to help identify American English dialects. Some of the voices will be quite familiar (e.g., Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt) while most are seldom heard (Amelia Earhart) or completely unknown. Interesting but limited in its usefulness.

In contrast, this new survey is likely give a broader and more well-rounded view of North American dialects. Maybe it will even put to rest the Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy.

So, use your voice and your Skype microphone and help out the researchers!

[Tip of the hat to Johnson!]

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  1. amaxson said...
    Just for fun, you can test out your american accent here: http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_american_accent_do_you_have

    I'm not sure how accurate the results are...It says I've got the 'midland' accent, or none at all. But 100% of my non-Northern friends would disagree with that. I get made fun of for my northern accent on a regular basis. A crowd favorite to hear me say? "A bag full of bagels" why? I seriously don't hear what I say differently...
    But, fun anyway!

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