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Learning to tweet at the Mayo Clinic?

Learning to tweet at the Mayo Clinic? medical translationIt’s no secret that social media is hot these days. Everyone from Governor Schwarzenegger to your neighbor's grandchild blogs and tweets. Now, the traditionally conservative Mayo Clinic is jumping into the fray in a big way, opening up a Center for Social Media. The new center will run workshops, offer consulting and host conferences.

The move into social media is an unusual one in the hospital industry. Hospitals tend to be conservative organizations and social media makes many hospital executives uncomfortable: What if an employee puts his foot in his cyber-mouth? What if a patient tweets something bad about the hospital? But Mayo sees social media as an extension of the old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing.

A presence on Twitter and Facebook can make a an organization or company appear progressive, current and popular. It is a cheap, quick way to spread messages and followers and Facebook friends can bolster support and spur discussions. These days, friends’ opinions matter more than official sound bites and the Mayo Clinic obviously recognizes that.

You can find the Mayo on Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube.

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