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Ireland proposes new medical device regulationsEven with the MDD firmly in place, new regulations are afoot. A current example comes from Ireland.

MPO Magazine reported that health officials in Ireland are soliciting feedback from medical device manufacturers and the business community on a proposal to regulate the distribution of medical devices.

Specifically, the legislation proposed by the Irish Minister for Health and Children covers issues such as:

  • Registration of distributors with the Competent Authority for Medical Devices – The Irish Medicines Board
  • Requirements for record keeping by Distributors and Retailers of medical devices to ensure a full system of traceability and capability to react in the event of recalls/withdrawals or field safety corrective actions.
  • Requirements to ensure distributor’s have suitable facilities, personnel and equipment to maintain medical device quality during storage, transport and distribution, and to enable the conduct of an effective recall/withdrawal or field safety corrective action
  • Requirements to ensure medical devices are CE marked and meet the mandatory labeling requirements when supplied.
  • Requirements for maintaining a quality system in medical device distribution operations to an appropriate standard.
  • Possibility of fees being charged to distributors of medical devices by the Competent Authority for Medical Devices, The Irish Medicines Board.
  • Enforcement measures to allow Irish Medicines Board to suspend / revoke a distributors registration when appropriate.
Full details and information on how to provide input can be found on the web site for the Department of Health and Children.

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