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Analytics for multilingual web sites

Analytics for multilingual web sites
Medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are embracing the Web - not just for their corporate sites but increasingly for social networking and e-commerce. As do all companies with any sizable Web presence, drug and device companies think about, tweak, and track visitors, the success of different ad campaigns, conversions, and online sales.

Getting established on the global Web is relatively well understood - when to translate (and when not to), legal considerations, hosting, branding etc. But one of the things that is still challenging for many companies is how to setup web analytics for the different languages and countries a site now serves.

Questions like this one are commonplace:

My site (http://www.surveypirate.com) is being translated to about 10 languages.

Probably the structure will look something like
www.surveypirate.com/Welcome.aspx/lang=ru etc.

the original /Welcome.aspx is already being tracked.
What do I need to do to ensure tracking of all the new languages?

We have the .ru .se etc. sites registered to us also - should I track them separately?
Luckily, the Google Analytics blog has done a nice job demonstrating how to report for multilingual sites and e-commerce stores.

If you want to track performance across multilingual domains, language sites, and micro sites, be sure to take a look at Advanced: E-Commerce Roll Up Reporting For Websites With Different Languages - very helpful stuff!

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