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Notes from DC: Duck Flats, anyone?

Notes from DC: Duck Flats, anyone?Day two at the DIA Annual Meeting was as busy as the first day. Everybody seemed to be in high gear and mini-conferences and luncheon meetings were happening regularly. Today I'd like to comment on a few of the items I found of interest.

A very interesting session
I attended a Professional Development/Training session entitled "How to Use Web 2.0 in Training Programs". A Web 2.0 training program could contain social media such as You Tube and Twitter. The session chair made a compelling argument for it. Learning, it appears, is heightened when the student becomes engages in the process. It seems that interactive training is sweeping the training industry.

One of many SIACs
I am a new member of the Professional Training and Development SIAC. As the name implies, this SIAC is made up of individuals from medical companies who focus a good bit of their time on training. I joined this SIAC following last year's Annual Meeting and have been attending the monthly conference calls (mostly). Sitting down and meeting the group is a real pleasure. The members come from a wide range of companies including ALMAC, Centocor, Sanofi-Aventis and Medidata, to name a few. The group includes both North American and European individuals.

While I'm pretty new to the work of this SIAC, I know that they sponsor a student learning program for emerging medical professionals. They also act as a training resource to insure the many educational sessions are presented in a professional manner. This last aspect is a fairly new task for the SIAC and is expected to be increased for next year's annual event in Chicago.

What's in a name?
How about this for a company name: Duck Flats Pharma. What an interesting name! Duck Flats Pharma is an R&D consulting and contract firm with a specific focus on strategic drug development in both non-clinical and clinical areas. The company was founded in 2001 by Luana Pesco Koplowitz.

So, what's with the name? It seems that Luana purchased and moved to a farm in upstate NY after completing her work with J&J. The farm was named Duck Flats. Luana runs her company out of the refurbished farm, and it just made sense to keep the name. I like it!

I was struck by the uniqueness of their booth in the exhibit hall. While most booths are slick, stylish and modern, Duck Flat's booth has the old world charm of a country kitchen, with a gingham checked table cloth and home-made style baskets.

But enough of the fluff, what about the company? I interviewed Luana and learned that their success comes from leveraging a clinical pharmacology approach to "bridge the gaps between non-clinical and clinical needs." This approach has enabled clients to bring their drugs to market in a rapid and efficient manner. Luana's background covers multiple therapeutic areas, and her expertise extends to all aspects of the clinical process. Well done!

Don't forget the food!
Washington, DC, is known for its great restaurants. I had the pleasure of driving out to Germantown (way too far on an empty stomach!) with a few attendees last evening. We went to Sabai Sabai, a well known Thai restaurant on Central Boulevard. The curry and duck was excellent. And, the price was quite reasonable (my boss will be happy). Try it next time you get near our capital.

That's it for day two. I will have my conference wrap-up entry tomorrow.

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  1. amaxson said...
    Are any of our readers at DIA? What have you been attending? If you could share one bit of information you've learned, what would it be?

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