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Notes from DC: DIA wrapup

Notes from DC: DIA wrapup for medical translationWith the DIA Annual Meeting at a close, I realize that it's been a great conference, in part because retelling events and impressions has made it more "real" for me. (Take a look at my reports from day one and day two.)

The mood was a bit slower on the last day. Attendees and exhibitors were all dragging. Attendees have been attending back to back session; exhibitors have been pushing their wares, and all have been holding impromptu meetings and trying to keep up with normal business demands.

Breakfast meeting
I began the day with a 7:15 breakfast meeting with the Professional Training and Development SIAC. The guest speakers were from Kaplan EduNeering. The presentation was entitled "Learning Strategy: Connecting Content with Your End-user." Following the presentation, there was a demonstration of a three dimension e-learning program implemented at Merck. It was dazzling. The demo allowed the students to create Avatars and walk through a series of SOPs. Very slick (and, quite expensive, I imagine).

The DIA has a hard and fast rule that exhibitors cannot market their products or companies while leading a session. Kaplan might have been stretching this a bit. There were a lot of "we can do" versus "it can be done". This might seem like a small point, but it is meaningful.

A very comprehensive session
I attended a session entitled "An Overview of Drug Development for Emerging Professionals. It was comprehensive and understandable -- no easy task. I intend on sharing this information with my company at a later date. I'd be happy to pass this information on to anyone who is interested.

Instant access to complete label information
I stopped by Reed Technologies booth to see what they were offering. I was in for a treat. Reed has a tool named LabelDataPlus, which contains over 21,000 approved drug labels. It is easily searchable and is free to all users.

I tried it out with a prescription drug I take daily. I read the approved labeling for the drug in all its revisions. This could be a great tool for anyone who deals with drug labeling AND for all of us who take pharmaceuticals on a regular basis. I recommend you check this one out.

Another SIAC
I joined the Global Sourcing SIAC. I was introduced to it be Michele Gause from Bayer. Michele co-authored a session last year through her role in this SIAC, and it was pretty impressive. The mission of this SIAC is to enhance communication and networking among professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

We will be focusing on best practices with regard to partnering between sponsors with providers. Sounds right up my alley! Tiffany Cherry, CEO of PharmCONTRAX, is the chair. I sat with Tiffany after a session and got a quick intro into the work we will be doing.

A final breaking of bread
For my final meal I went to Legal Seafood with a new associate of mine from a SIAC. The food was excellent and the quality was as sound as any of the Legal Seafood restaurants around my old home town of Boston.

I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings on the 46th DIA Annual Meeting. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing some of my experiences with you. Contact me at bmuzerall [at] fxtrans [dot] com at any time if I can be of service. Until next year in Chicago, happy trails!

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