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Monthly roundup: Most popular posts in May

Most popular articles on Medical Translation InsightThe most concrete outcome of our great showing in the Top 100 Language Blogs rankings is that our readership has taken another jump.

We are fast approaching 1,500 blog and Twitter readers here at Medical Translation Insight - pretty exciting ... and pretty scary to have so many knowledgeable readers!

It is always interesting to learn which of the our posts are receiving the most reads each month. Below you will find the most popular articles of the past month. Check them out to make sure you have not missed any.

  1. Greek crisis hits drug makers; translation providers next? - Fear mongering or realistic threat? You decide!
  2. Medical glossary in nine European languages - Another good terminology resource
  3. We have met the enemy, and he is machine translation- In our survey, machine translation edged out crowdsourced translations as the biggest threat to translation service providers
  4. Are low prices leading to poor quality? - Lots of translators have strong feelings about this topic
  5. Medtronic wants to be your friend - Social media is slowly (very slowly!) becoming more acceptable among pharma and medical device companies
Looking for more good stuff to read? Take a look at our top articles for April, March, and February. Happy reading!


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