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Localizing Android applications

Localizing Android applications
Android is seemingly everywhere and medical devices are no exception. While Android creates less buzz than the iPhone OS and medical apps on the iPhone, Android is poised to play a bigger role in medical devices. For now, though, it's often difficult for localization engineers to find useful information on how to prepare, localize, and maintain multilingual Android code.

Linux Magazine has a good localization case study using the popular program "Hello World". The article contains a step-by-step overview and a sample Eclipse project.

Recommended reading for any device engineer!

[Thanks to Ilya Butenko's Localization blog for the tip]

Looking for more info on the multilingual mobile world? Here you go:

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  1. PM said...
    That's look like something interesting.
    I wonder whether they would want to localize it to Dutch too.
    In case, I'm available. :-)
    amaxson said...
    Our blog has touched base on the iPhone's place in the medical world too, in the link above ('when cell phones become medical devices').
    Does anyone have links regarding localizing iPhone apps? How do you think the iOS4 will play into this?
    Dwayne Bailey said...
    For localizing iPhone apps you might be interested in a conversion tool that we developed to make it easier to localise the iPhone .strings files. The tool converts iPhone .strings files to PO files, which a number of CAT tools can understand. Mozilla is using this tool to translate their Firefox Home application on their community translation portal (Using Pootle, that we also develop)
    amaxson said...
    Thanks for the info! Sounds like a good tool, I'll have to check it out.

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