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Over the past several months, media has been obsessed with four subjects: Economic stimulus, healthcare reform, Greece, and China.

But let's face it: How many times can you read about the end of the world before you start tuning it out? If, however, you combine three out of those four topics together, it becomes much more interesting.

The Chinese government's efforts to reform domestic healthcare offers just this kind of "mash-up".

In support of its goal of providing universal coverage to the 1.3 billion Chinese, the central government will invest RMB850 billion (approx. US$120 billion) on healthcare over three years. China is already one of the world's fastest growing markets for drugs and devices. This kind of investment is adding additional fuel to the fire, creating a bonanza for medical device and pharmaceutical companies.

And Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry points out that western companies see opportunities beyond 2011, the targeted end-date for the plan.

With plans to put at least one medical clinic in every village in China, it's understandable that manufacturers are learning how to sell, research, type, and translate in Chinese!

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