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Use 'green' font, print money

Use green font, print moneyThese days, everybody is looking to save money. And if you can accumulate some green karma points at the same time, who wouldn't be interested in that?

Translations and publishing are paper-intensive businesses. Many translation providers are recycling paper and toner cartridges. Some are configuring print drivers to output two pages on a single sheet or enabling "draft" mode to use less ink.

And now there is another way to do the right thing and save some money.

Because different fonts require different amounts of ink to print, you could be buying new printer cartridges less often if you used Century Gothic rather than Arial. For individual translators, this could add up to annual savings of $20 or so. Drug and device companies could save thousands of dollars with a simple font changes.

The words to good effect blog wrote up a good overview of a test conducted by Printer.com, which compared ink consumption for different fonts. Here are their top 10 green fonts:

Printing Costs: Does Font Choice Make a Difference?

Century Gothic was found to use 30% less ink than Arial, used as a benchmark, and less even than Ecofont, a free typeface that promises to consume up to 20 percent less ink. For us font geeks, this is exciting stuff!

Of course, the greenest way to save on ink is not to print at all. More and more translation providers bypass printing altogether in favor of PDFs.

[Thanks to Holly Behl for the heads-up!]

ForeignExchange's METRiQ quality methodology allows drug and device companies to save money through measurable, known medical translation quality.


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