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Monthly roundup: Most popular posts in April

Most popular posts on Medical Translation InsightWelcome to our April roundup. This is the time when we shine the spotlight on our most-read articles for the past month.

There have been some good posts during April. Many of the ones that received the most attention had to do with access to language services in the healthcare space and with new terminology/glossary resources.

Please take a moment to read through these posts:

  1. Medical glossary in nine European languages - It's nice to see that there was a lot of interest in this terrific terminology resource
  2. 50% of translated Spanish medicine labels have errors - Wow: 50%!?!?
  3. Good translations must be expensive - Mix a bit of reverse psychology with a controversial topic and you get a whole lot of strong opinions
  4. Removing security from multiple PDF files - PDFs are omnipresent in today's medical translation world; this article makes working with them a bit easier
  5. Patients at risk due to lack of translations - Another look at the scary situation for non-English-speaking pharmacy customers in the U.S.
Looking for more good stuff to read? Take a look at our top articles for March, February, and January. Happy reading!


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