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Orlando wrapup: Partnerships in Clinical Trials
A week ago, I was in Orlando for the Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference. The conference was well-attended by a mix of people from drug companies and CROs. While topics were wide-ranging, from managing virtual teams to the state of the CRO industry, an overriding theme that I detected was one of collaboration and how working together, client and vendor, can help with everything from mitigating risk to keeping costs down to improving patient safety. I was struck how similar this theme is to our own medical translation industry.

One particular panel discussion that I attended stood out. A year ago, the pharma giant, Otsuka, had selected Covance as their contract research partner and the companies gave a one-year update on how the relationship was going, both good and bad. It was refreshing to hear how honest both sides were in their comments, with no sugar-coating and no pulled punches. It was obvious that each party understood their flaws and their competencies and sincerely wanted to work on improvements and making things better.

I also learned about the challenges of making inherited vendor-client relationships work, how 21st century work styles are presenting new challenges, the pitfalls of clinical trials in emerging markets and how sponsor companies go about their RFP process to select a CRO. All good stuff. Keynote sessions were fascinating too. There was a spirited discussion of how the healthcare reform will impact the drug industry from former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle. Über-brain Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, discussed a cutting edge statistical theory called “The Long-Tail” and how it applies to the pharma world. And we also heard an emotional and human story of real courage and inspiration from Survivor show winner(the irony was not lost) and cancer survivor, Ethan Zohn.

It truly was an amazing three days in Orlando. The drug industry is doing incredible things, facing big challenges and hurtling towards an exciting future. And I'm glad, in our small way, that we're along for the ride. Over and out.

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