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It's Dumas, not Dumb-ass

It's Dumas, not Dumb-assTranslation service providers deal with people from around the world. Much of the time, contact is through email. When it comes time to have a phone conversation, it sure helps to know how to pronounce the other person's name.

I know first-hand what it's like to have folks mispronounce your name. But hey, that's just the way it is; I don't expect perfect pronunciation the first time someone meets me but I'm pretty impressed when it happens.

Lifehacker reports on three name-pronunciation resources that make it a lot easier to impress your clients and partners with the proper pronunciation of their names.

HearNames.com lets users search for someone's name in two ways, through the search field or by manually clicking through sub-sets of nationalities and languages. Once you click a name, you'll get an embedded (Flash) audio player, with a human voice reciting the name correctly.

Voice of America provides a pronunciation guide for places and famous people. It's limited to what appears in VOA news coverage but contains names not found at HearNames.com.

Pronounce Names is yet another resource that allows you to look up the pronunciation of a name. What's cool about this site is that users can submit pronunciations of new names so that others can then pronounce it correctly.

So go ahead and play around with these three sites. That way, you can avoid mangling, twisting, and contorting any more names.

OK, back to work now! ForeignExchange Translations provides specialized medical translation and software localization services to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Contact us to learn more.

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  1. Gabi Ortiz said...
    I will never forget when I sent a fax to Mr. Dopping and received an answer from Mr. Dobbin, of course.

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