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Follow me in Orlando

Reporting from the 19th Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference in Orlando
Starting next Monday, I'll be blogging my way through the Partnerships in Clinical Trials Conference in Orlando, Florida. The three-day conference is a gathering of leading companies and thinkers in the clinical outsourcing field, from the drug industry to academics, from a former Senate Majority Leader to a reality TV show winner. How does it all fit together? I'm eager to find out.

I'll have my laptop handy and will be blogging daily about the scene at the conference and the sessions I'm attending. I'll post blog entries here on Medical Translation Insight as well as on the official Partnerships blog.

If you happen to be going to Orlando for the conference, drop me a line at jheaton [at] fxtrans.com so we can meet up. Or, if you're stuck at the office, you can tune in here daily to read what's going on in sunny Florida.

You can check out the conference's official Website here.

-written by Jason Heaton, ForeignExchange marketing manager


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