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Becton, Dickinson gets labeling right

Becton Dickinson gets labeling rightAs we noted a couple of days ago, successful device and drug companies don't just view packaging as the minimum effort to sell products overseas. Instead, they look to packaging and labeling to support the company's identity and brand: The package is the hands-on manifestation of the brand.

Becton, Dickinson is an example of a company that understands this. BD has developed extensive support materials including, for example, a brand standards overview [PDF link] and a multilingual symbols glossary [PDF link].

These documents are available online and provide employees, partners, and suppliers with an understanding of the BD "look and feel", of the symbols that BD uses and how they are used.

While it is a big job to put these resources together, having this kind of marketing input is invaluable. It allows labeling, packaging, and translation groups to work better and faster - all while achieving the company's marketing objectives. Now that's what you call a win-win!

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